By delivering the highest numbers of active nitrogen fixing bacteria per seed, the bacteria having been managed in a sterile production and packaging systems, puts the basics of effective legume inoculation in the grower’s hands. Whether liquid or powder inoculants, the same principles apply.

Nitrogen Fixing

LEGUMEFiX – sterile powder soybean inoculant

Made from carefully dried, irradiated and prepared sedge peats, the very fine particle size in LEGUMEFiX provides an excellent media to carry billions of viable rhizobia cells. These cells are maintained in a clean, sterile media that will infect the soybean roots as they emerge from the seed. This starts the process of inoculation. A high number of cells is essential for a successful crop.

LIQUIFiX – liquid sterile soybean inoculant

Starting with a sterile solution that can support very high numbers of nitrogen-fixing bacteria, it is essential to keep the solution sterile as the products are packaged. Selecting the best strain of nitrogen-fixing bacteria is necessary for success. Maintaining these bacteria in a nutrient-rich solution is also key. The mix of the best bacteria and packaged in a sterile format delivers the most inoculating power to the grower to use at planting.

Legume Innoculant

With thorough coverage of the seed being the key to success, powder form LEGUMEFiX® and liquid form LIQUIFiX can be used for:

  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Lentils
  • Dry/field beans
  • Chickpeas
  • Lupins and more*!

*For inquiries about crops not listed, please contact us.

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