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Lignition Corporation, a small privately held company from Brantford, Ontario, is acting as the registrant supplier of certain legume inoculant products manufactured by Legume Technology of the UK to help increase yields of legume growers.

Lignition Corporation

Lignition Corporation is dedicated to making the full power of photosynthesis available to agriculture by maximizing crop efficiency through fully sustainable access to the free key elements of crop production: carbon dioxide, water, sunlight and nitrogen. Lignition products work within the Earth’s existing cycles and processes, the most basic of which being photosynthesis and the cycling of carbon.

Legume Technology Ltd.

Legume Technology Ltd. is a privately held company dedicated solely to driving legume crop performance based on maximizing legume inoculant production, packaging and delivery. Having over 16 years involvement in and technical expertise with the seed inoculation business, recent upgrades and expansions to production capacity, and also registrations around the world, means Legume Technology is aligned for growth.