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Legume inoculants with proven results

Legume Technology produces inoculant agricultural products proven to increase crop growth and overall crop yield for legume growers. Using a sterilized packaging process, the inoculant seed treatment delivers more nitrogen fixing bacteria per seed than any other competitor. Farmers can expect more efficient nitrogen fixation from crops resulting in strong, bigger, and more crop yield.

LEGUMEFiX® and LIQUIFiX® by Legume Technology Ltd.

Utilizing the established symbiotic relationship between legume plants and rhizobia bacteria captures more atmospheric nitrogen for the plants and crops to use. Typically, more nitrogen means bigger crops and yields along with increased crop quality. Successfully pairing the best nitrogen fixing bacteria with the correct legume plant species, along with rates and timing, higher yields of higher quality are typically the result.

Legume Fix and Liquifix agricultural products
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Working Together

Combining Lignition products LIGNISEED® and LIGNILEAF® with Legume Technology inoculant products LIQUIFiX® and LEGUMEFiX® have produced more yield and improved quality of yield gains (a further 3 bushels per acre to 6 bushels per acre of yield gain).

Lignition technology supports higher levels of photosynthetic efficiency to increase the symbiotic feeding of the rhizobia nitrogen fixing bacteria by the plants. This supports greater nitrogen fixation which supports greater crop output. More nitrogen remains in the soil for the next crop to use.